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Social media marketing gives businesses the opportunity to target people in specific locations using personable, creative and attractive branded advert. Search4Local specialise in Facebook sponsored advert creation and management. Our social media managers create unique graphics and frequently analyze the best performing campaigns in an effort to make your businesses adverts stand out.

To help your campaign continues to perform and stand out to thousands of potential customers, we often update information, make the copy more impactful and create new graphics. Our social media team also post organically to your page, retaining communication with your audience and reinforcing brand awareness.

Social networks tend to offer a lower cost per click than Google does. Social ads are better for images and videos, plus advertising this way allows a target market to directly interact. A huge positive as we receive direct feedback to the adverts from your customers.

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Social media has entered and changed our lives in a way that nobody could have foreseen. Facebook is the largest platform, with a massive forty six million active accounts in the UK. On the 6th of November 2007, Facebook introduced advertising opportunities. From there the social media giant’s social media marketing functionality has evolved to be the most versatile and cost effective available.

Different Types of Advert

Social media marketing is very effective thanks largely to how interactive the platforms are. The majority of users interact with adverts on their smartphone. Because of this we design all adverts for the mobile first generation.

Audience participation varies hugely depending on your target market. The end result of adverts is either to increase brand awareness or convert traffic into leads. Comments and likes on adverts are just as good, if not better, than shares. When users interact with your advert Facebook shows it to those on your friends list, and those most algorithmically similar to you.

The cost per click or engagement on each advert depends on a number of variables. Including the size of the image, length of video or how long a user interacts with the advert. Below is a brief description of the different types of advert structures available.


These are the most common types of adverts. Amazingly, research completed by Kissmetrics says that posts and adverts are responsible for 93% of the most engaging content. Photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and a huge 84% more click through rates.


These types of adverts automatically play videos. The majority of users do not play when watching the video, so the video needs to convey the message silently.


Carousel Display

Carousel Adverts display a number of images in a row. These can be good for showing off a number of different or related products. More creatively, the images can be joined to display a hidden message or create a landscape image. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook offers the best social media marketing tool in our opinion. The level of accuracy in relation to user targeting is exceptionally detailed. Further to this, the standard advert templates before branding are striking and interesting.

Facebook ads work by reviewing a user’s profile information and cross referencing it with an ads requirements. Search4Local use business manager on behalf of our clients. Smart features allow us to target where on the platform your advert appears and at what time and date.

Facebook ads are exceptionally accurate. Enabling campaign managers to target their audience’s gender, age, interests, job title, location and much more. Advert accuracy increases as users give more detailed answers about their lives and personal interests.

Social Media Marketing & Facebook Sponsored Ads

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