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SEO is the practice of optimising content on your website to encourage Google and other search engine bots to put your website on page one for certain keywords in specific locations. Search engine optimisation also looks at contributing factors not on your site in an effort to encourage traffic to your website. Both on page and off page SEO work alongside one another to improve SERPs, or search engine result pages. We are widely acknowledged to be one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the South West, offering leading strategic SEO work to businesses and sole traders.

SEO largely revolves around a ranking factor of E.A.T. This stands for expertise, authority and trust. Algorithms are engineered, programmed and designed to award the top page one positions to websites that are experts in their field, have a strong domain authority and therefore become trusted by both user and machine. Trust is measured qualitatively through customer reviews or recommendations, plus how overall domain authority and onsite behaviour.

All of our strategies rely on these three elements to ensure we get our clients ranking on page, and retaining the positions once we have won them. Our SEO technicians are meticulous in their observation and detail, compiling strategies based on a websites weaknesses and a business’s goals.

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On Page & Off Page SEO

Each of our search engine optimisation strategies consists of on page and off page work. Both are as important as one another and strengthen the other. On page optimisation accounts for everything on your domain, page of or full website. This can be everything from keyword specific copy, to updating relevant information, or working on improving site performance speed, which is in itself a ranking factor. On page work also includes UX (user experience) improvements, call to action work, meta data and alt tag reviews.

There are some parts of on page content that rely on off page optimisation of an additional element to best improve the on site work. For example, videos. Users expect to see video content so they’re good for website optimisation. However uploading a large video to your website will reduce load speed. In this case on and off page work comes together by using a specific video platform, such as YouTube. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, a video uploaded optimised correctly can work wonders.

Off page work works on improving domain authority with the help of a number of techniques. These include but are not limited to link building, forum work, outreach campaigns, broken link recovery and citations or directories.

Link Building & Domain Authority

Link building and working to improve domain authority is one of the most effective off page optimisation strategies. Success with link building is about picking the right domains, directories and citations. Certain types of domains, and links from those domains, are worth more ‘points’ then others. You’re better to have fewer links of higher quality than harvest as many links as you can.

At Search4Local, our website optimisation team will create a digital marketing strategy for you that improves on page and off page performance. Ranking you higher on Google, gaining more traffic and encouraging the traffic to convert into sales.

Site Audits

There are many different types of site audits to evaluate precisely how a website is performing and where it could be improved. The most common, and arguably most useful, evaluates website structure. The checks include but are not limited to the following :

  • Meta titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Sitemap accessibility
  • Robot txt files
  • Indexability
  • 404 errors
  • 301 redirects
  • Broken links
  • Structured data

Other types of website audits include:

  • Mobile Audits: Ensuring websites display correctly on the most popularly used smartphones for your target market. 
  • Speed Tests: Tests site loading on WiFi, 3G, 4G & 5G devices
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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a practice of digital marketing that encourages traffic to visit your website, increase awareness of your brand and improves your position in SERPs. SEO takes into account on and off page work, a fully trained SEO technician has a lot of tools in their box. 

There are multiple contributing factors that makes a website search engine friendly. Including keyword research to determine copy structure for each page. Link building and parent / child pages is also important.  

We publish monthly performance reports detailing all works completed for our clients. As a company we have an open door policy and would encourage all our clients to arrange a meeting to go through progress and any new ideas whenever you wish. 

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